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Advance Healthcare Directive 


  • A document that allows you to appoint your chosen healthcare power of attorney and to provide specific instructions on how your healthcare should be managed if you become incapacitated.

What it Contains

  • Within the advance healthcare directive there is a section that functions as a living will where you to provide guidance for medical and health-care decisions in the event you are no longer able to communicate your wishes. This can include what treatment you do or do not want. It can include instructions on the disposition of your remains and funeral instructions. 

  • There is also a section that allows you to chose a healthcare power of attorney. This healthcare agent can act on your behalf in the event that you lose capacity to work with your healthcare team to determine the best management of your health that accords with your wishes. The power of attorney details discussed here, also apply to your healthcare power of attorney. 

Mental Health Directive


  • A document that you sign that describes what you want to happen if you experience a mental health crisis, and allows to chose a healthcare agent to make decisions in accord with your wishes during your mental health crisis.

  • These are also known as a psychiatric advance directive (PAD).  

What it Contains

  • This document allows you to pick who you want help from, what treatments you do or do not want, what facilities you prefer, and other important guidance during your mental health crisis. 

  • You chose your healthcare agent in the event of a crisis.

  • Importantly, the creation of this document can prevent the need for later conservatorship proceedings. 

  • Many of the provisions relevant to power of attorneys discussed here, and the details discussed for advance healthcare directives are applicable. 

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