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Content Creator/Influencer Package



  • This package is designed for an individual or small group of people who want to create content on the internet or social media. This could include but is not limited to a blog, podcast, or videos. 

  • This service is relevant for social media influencers or individuals that want to present on specific topics. This could be either through video, text, or audio.


  • This package is topic neutral. But please let me know ahead of time what content you intend to produce, so that I can advise you of any risk or concerns that may be relevant.

  • This service is offered statewide in California and by default is a remote service. But If you wish to do it in person at my office in Lodi, California let me know ahead of time.

What is Included: 

  • A 1-hour discussion session and a guide that serves as an overview on how start your content creation on a sure legal footing. This guide also provides advice on how to protect yourself personally. 


  • The guide and discussion will cover:


  1. The topic and any relevant risk or concerns;

  2. Advertising, marketing, and sponsors;

  3. The appropriate business entity type, this is important for tax and liability;

  4. Donations or types of fee arrangements that you may use;

  5. Tax implications of income

  6. License requirements, if any;

  7. Intellectual property rights

  8. Insurance, if needed

  9. Business location, if applicable


  • This package includes modifiable templates to use for your business such as a sponsorship agreements, contracts, and non-disclosure agreements.


  • $500.00 one-time flat fee.

Optional Retainer for Further Legal Services:

  • $300.00 bi-annual retainer payment that retains my services for document modification, document review, advice, and non-litigation communications. 

Terms of Optional Retainer:


  • This retainer does not apply for litigation services, as I typically only appear in court within San Joaquin County. 


  • I do not offer litigation services because you would not want to pay my travel cost and it would be burdensome for me personally. If you find the need for litigation related to your content creation, I would strongly advise you to seek out a local attorney in the county you are considering a lawsuit because they will know the local court specific rules and the judges. And it will be much less of a burden for them to appear at court.


  • This retainer has a maximum cap of $600.00 total. 


  • This means if I am holding $600.00 from you and you haven’t used my service, you do not have to remit any additional funds for the time being.


  • Retained funds are considered unearned until I do billable work under this agreement. While unearned such funds remain the client’s property that I hold in my client trust account. 


  • If you want to cancel this agreement at any time, please contact me and all unearned retainer funds will be returned. 


  • For this service my hourly fees are reduced from $300.00 to $200.00. 

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